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Creating custom alert text messages

On the Alerts tab, you're able to create alerts with a custom message. You can include certain variables which are listed below.

server title {}
comma separated list of server tags {server.tags}
comma separated list of server IPV4 {server.ipv4}
comma separated list of server IPV6 {server.ipv6}
the alerts metric to trigger {alert.metric}
the amount of minutes to wait to trigger the alert {alert.warnafter}
the value at the moment the alert was opened {value}
the comparison method (higher,lower,equal,notequal) {alert.metric_compare}
the alerts status (open,close,still open) {alert.status}
the device which is targeted (when targetting a network interface or mount point for example) {alert.device}
the offset value for the alert {alert.value}

Updated on: 26/03/2018

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