Using the diskstatus plugin you will be able to monitor the status of your hdd, ssd and/or nvme drives. This plugin requires the agent to be run under the root user.

This plugin requires nixstatsagent version 1.1.50 or higher. To upgrade run
pip install nixstatsagent --upgrade.

Run as root
Running the monitoring agent as root user.

Install dependencies
For NVMe drives you need nvme-cli, instructions are available here.

For all other drives you need smartctl from smartmontools. On debian and ubuntu run apt-get install smartmontools or under Cent OS run yum install smartmontools.

Test the plugin
Run nixstatsagent test diskstatus to check if the plugin is working.

Enabling the plugin
Edit /etc/nixstats.ini and add the following to enable the plugin.

enabled = yes

Restart the agent
Run service nixstatsagent restart to restart the service.
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