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Monitoring minecraft

This plugin monitors some metrics that are available on minecraft servers. It can keep track of multiple minecraft servers.

Minecraft Metrics

- Active players
- Max players

Install the Minecraft monitoring plugin

To install the minecraft plugin you just have to edit /etc/nixstats.ini. Add the following data.


The hosts value can accept multiple minecraft hosts, comma seperated. You can also just have a single host here.

Test the minecraft plugin

Run sudo -u nixstats nixstatsagent test minecraft and see if it return any data.

Now restart the nixstats service to start sending data.

service nixstatsagent restart

Create Charts

One the dashboard you can now create a chart with your minecraft metrics. On the Metrics page select minecraft as metric type, then select online to create a chart of your active and online players.

Updated on: 15/03/2018

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